Lee Manufacturing Solutions, LLC (LMS) provides top quality rubber components and solutions such as Rubber Molding Solutions (Isolators, Exhaust Mounts, Engine Mounts…etc.), Sealing Solutions (Weather Strip, Window Channels…etc.), Fluid Transfer Solutions (Coolant Hoses…etc.) found in a wide variety of end-user applications. With products for virtually every industry from automotive and specialty vehicles to the construction and agriculture equipment industry. LMS provides precision engineering, global manufacturing practices, quality assurance, global supply chain management tailoring solutions to meet our customer’s specifications and needs.

  • ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14000 Certified all manufacturing locations
  • Established Technical Rubber Manufacturers in the Automotive Industries
  • Technical, Testing and Development center in Malaysia
  • Production sites in Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia
  • Technical Sales and downstream manufacturing facilities in Kentucky
  • Global supply chain, JIT and Kanban Delivery System

Lee Manufacturing Solutions, LLC specializes in technical rubber manufacturing solutions.

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